Toronto’s Spadina Line


John Bromley‟s photos, vintage TTC film & shots of the Harbord PCCs. Operations on the 604 Harbourfont line, plus opening of the Spadina 510 line & TTS charter of 4500 on opening day. (60 min)

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The Grand Avenue was Toronto’s widest transit corridor. Trolleys ran on a private reservation down the middle of the street. The Spadina line replaced the Belt Line trolley in 1923. Cars ran from a cross-over at Bloor to one at Fleet, the only downtown TTC route without loops. In October, 1948 buses replaced the double ended cars leaving the Harbord PCCs as the only street cars on Spadina until 1966 when trolley service ended. Bus service lasted until July, 1997. The video shows vintage films of trolleys on Spadina; the Harbourfront 604 line; and construction, opening day & TTS charter on the Spadina 510 line.

(Narrated, colour, B&W;) 60 Minutes.

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