Streetcars of Montreal – Tramways de Montreal


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For 2011, this video was redone almost from scratch. All the original film from Fred Angus and John Mills was completely re-captured. The original 1990 UMATIC master tape, that has been laying dormant for 15 years, was used as a starting point. Each scene, edit point, and title was meticulously substituted with the newly captured film, to maintain the character of the orignal movie, but to also truely show the film shot by John Mills and Fred Angus in all it’s glory.

This video presentation first provides a quick history of the Montreal streetcar system. Next, an overview of the system as it existed in the twilight years of the 1950s. Various routes and cars are shown along with recollections from Denis Latour and Lucien Dauphinais. This presentation finishes with the final parade, a good bye to the Montreal streetcar system.

A 8 1/2 by 14 inch double sided map is also included. One side is a copy of the November 1948 route map from the Montreal Tramways Company. The other side shows a track diagram from December 1948, by Omer Lavallee and A. Clegg. A high-resolution PDF of the route map is included on the DVD.

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This video features streetcars that are now in museums:

ExpoRail – The Canadian Railway Museum

Seashore Trolley Museum

Shown in this video is:
Route 23 – St. Denis Line
Route 40 – Montreal North
Nortre Dame
Route 91 – Lachine
Cote St. Paul
Route 5 – Ontario St Line
Mountain Line – Mont Royal
Route 17 – Cartierville
The Historical Streetcar Collection
Montreal’s Birney Safety Cars
Montreal Car #997 Fan Trip
Montreal’s Observation Cars
Sherbrooke St Parade
Final Day of Service
Car # 8 Fan Trip
Montreal Trams in Museums