The Niagara, St. Catharines, and Toronto Railway – The Little System That Could


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The N S & T had Steamships, passenger & freight operations local & interurban street cars, buses & even an amusement park making it one of the most diversified systems in Canada. For more infromation about the NS&T Railway, See the NS&T book by John Mills, published by Railfare DC Books. (Narrated by Ray Neilson, Comments by John Mills, Jack Knowles, Al Kerr, Bill Hood (60 min) For the 2010 edition of this video, the majority of the film shown was replaced with newly captured footage from John Mill’s original film. The new version is digitally re-mastered, and only contains the orginal audio track from the original master tape. Original Production work by Ray Neilson. Video Editing and DVD Authoring for 2010 edition by Michael Proszynski. Contains film, slides, and narration from John Mills, Jack Knowles, Al Kerr, and Bill Hood.

John Mills, who’s film is shown in this presentation, has authored two books on the NS&T.

Niagara, St. Catharines & Toronto Railway

by John M. Mills. Publish in 2006.

ISBN 978-1-897190-27-2

Further information on the NS&T; can also be found at


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