Boston Trolleys – Part Two – From the Early Years to the 1960’s


The development of Boston’s street car network through the years to the late 1960s.

Art Ellis, Foster Palmer, Kevin Farrell & Bob FitzGerald‟s movies, show Boston Trolleys through the years to the late 1960s. Also included are Foster Palmer‟s Blue Hill Line film in 3 WaysTo Mattapan & much more.

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Art Ellis’ movies capture the dawn of the PCC era with scenes of the Charles River Line taken in 1940, as well as the 1941 NRHS charter of Pullman PCCs 3012, 3017 & St. Louis PCC 3001. From Kevin Farrell’s collection, movies of Type 4, Type 5, and Center Entrance Cars are seen. Foster Palmer’s movies show three ways to Mattapan and the Blue Hill line. Rare film of the Boston Revere Beach & Lynn Railroad and Bob FitzGerald’s memories of the Fellsway line are also included.

(B&W; , Color ,Narrated) 85 minutes