About GPS Video

A tribute to the late Ray Neilson

Since 1985 GPS VIDEO has presented North American transportation fans with the best in transit films provided by respected members of the traction fraternity.

Ray Neilson has been video taping North American Transit Properties since 1987. These presentations are not documentaries. They are fan tapes with informative commentary. Although Ray Neilson passed away in 2005, GPS VIDEO lives on in his memory.

Photo of Ray

Ray Neilson, the founder and original owner of GPS Video, succumbed to his battle with brain cancer on July 31 2005, at the age of 62.

Ray Neilson combined his bold personalty, radio voice, interest of videography, and interest in transit history, to produce over 50 different transit videos. Ray also organized a number of transit charters in Toronto during his tenure as president of the Toronto Transportation Society, and numerous appearances on Star Ray TV as Count Ray. Ray Neilson founded GPS Video in 1985. Some of Ray’s best work was in the early 80s, with titles such as , Toronto’s Peter Witts, The PCC Era – Toronto’s Red Rockets, Toronto’s Yonge Line, PCCs on Parade, and “Niagara, St. Catharines, and Toronto – The Little System That Could”.

Please see Joe Chemrys’ excellent right up about his fond memories of Ray. Joe Chemrys tribute to Ray Neilson.

Ray Neilson was also president of the Toronto Transportation Society (TTS) from January 1995 to March 2001, during which he organized a number of charters. Footage from several of these charters are available in the videos about Toronto. Additional information is available on the Tansit Toronto website.Ray Nielson RIP on Transit Toronto

The Toronto Transportation Society (TTS) chartered a NewFlyer D40-89 #6460 bus from Queensway divison in Ray’s memory. The charter was on Saturday October 1st 2005. Photos by Gary Pang Here.

At the time, the future of Ray’s legacy was unkown , and here we are 15 years later, and the videos are still available.Here is a short list of relavent article, if you’d like to see more information.
HCRY 1999 Fall Colour Extravaganza
TTS Ikarus Farwell Charter – Sept 4 2000
The Red Rocket Mystery Tour – Oct 28, 2000
A full list of TTS charters is available on the CPTDB website

Ray also worked with Jan Pachul, owner of a local TV community station StarRay TV, channel 15 in Toronto. Ray appeared as the vampire Count Ray to host The Creature Feature. Ray’s GPS Video productions and his guest appearances as Count Ray, still appear regularly on Star Ray TV.

Here is Jan Pachul’s tribute to Ray Neilson.Ray Neilson – The Fallen, RIP

Many thanks to Jan Pachul(Star Ray TV), James Bow(Transit Toronto), Kevin Nicol(TTS), Ted Wickson(Photos and Co-executor of estate), and many others, who have helped show is legacy.