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A chronicle of streetcar history in North America's big cities. With footage of transit systems from a by gone era. Featuring various types of PCC (Presidents' Conference Committee) cars, Peter Witt's, and other types of streetcars. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver in Canada. Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and many more, in the USA.

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  1. PCCs on Parade - Part 1 - The Big East

    The President's Conference Committee Car or PCC for short, represents the most important development in streetcar technology in this century. 5,000 were built for use in the United States & Canada from 1936 to 1952. Ivor Walsh, Jim Borland, John Mills, and John Prophet's color film captures PCCs in Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Montreal, Johnstown, and New Jersey.
  2. Streetcars of Montreal - Tramways de Montreal

    The late Omer Lavalee narrates John Mills, & Fred Angus’ color film of the glory days of Montreal streetcars.Denis Latour & motorman Lucien Dauphinais also relate their memories.Scenes of Montreal’s famous Observation Cars, MU trains, home made cars & PCCs of the Montreal Tramways Company are seen. (60min,B&W,colour ,DVD) Areas Featured in the video: Craig Terminal # 23 - St Denis Line # 40 - Montreal North Notre Dame # 91 - Lachine Cote St. Paul # 5 - Ontario St. Line Davidson St Line Mountain LIne (Mont Royal) # 17 - Cartierville Sherbrooke St Place D'Armes
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